Remove paid advertising from your AOL Desktop mail experience

Ad-Free Mail for AOL Desktop Gold offers you the AOL Mail experience minus the paid ads, allowing you to focus on your inbox without distractions, for just $3.99 per month.

Get a more streamlined, ad-free AOL Mail experience within your AOL Desktop

  • What are Paid Ads?

    In your AOL Desktop email you’ve probably noticed advertisements promoting products or services unrelated to AOL—those are paid ads.
  • AOL Promotions

    You’ll no longer see paid ads, but you’ll continue to see promotions for AOL products and brands. This will keep you informed of our latest product news.
  • One Username Per Account

    You’ll receive Ad-Free Mail for AOL Desktop Gold for one username on your account. Other usernames on your account may purchase it separately.
  • Exclusively for Mail within AOL Desktop

    This is only available when viewing mail from your AOL Desktop software. If you access AOL Mail from the web or on your mobile device, you will continue to see paid ads.