Help Keep Your Private Information Away from Scammers & the Dark Web

MyPrivacy, part of ID Protection by AOL:

  • Get alerts if your personal information has been sold on the dark web.
  • Help prevent up to 80% of junk mail sent to your home from bombarding your mailbox.
  • Keep your reputation intact with private data removal from online databases.
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You'll Get This and So Much More At No Additional Cost

AOL has partnered with the best in the identity protection business, bundling multiple top-of-the-line services to help provide an all-in-one comprehensive approach to keeping your identity safer. AOL has been online for over 30 years - we've seen the dangers and know how to help protect you when it comes to your online security.

  • Online Privacy

    MyPrivacy stops leading search databases from exposing identifying information when people search your name on the web.
  • Identity Theft Protection

    LifeLock® helps protect your identity with a unique combination of detecting, monitoring and restoring. If your identity is ever compromised, we'll help fix it.
  • Secure Password Manager

    LastPass Premium securely stores your online passwords and logs you into your favorite websites from any device.
  • Online Reputation Defender

    MyReputation Discovery® provides 24-hour monitoring of your address, phone number and more across the web.
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