When Ransomware Strikes
It's Already Too Late

With today's rising computer threats, your current antivirus software may not be enough to help stop new attacks. AOL Tech Fortress uses a unique, patented isolation and containment method to protect your most vulnerable software applications and directories against new viruses and malicious software that traditional antivirus software don't stop.
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Intercept Virus and Malware attacks before they strike

Every minute, dozens of unknown new viruses and malicious software (zero-day malware) threaten your PC.
AOL Tech Fortress helps to stop those attacks before they harm your computer.
AOL Tech Fortress includes:

  • Blocks Cyber Attacks

    Protects your computer's most vulnerable software applications and directories from malicious tampering.
  • Automatic Coverage

    Blocks viruses, zero-day malware, and other unknown programs from launching - without scanning or updating.
  • Complements Your AV

    Designed to complement your anti-virus software
  • Uninterrupted Service

    Operates in the background without slowing down or interrupting your PC usage.
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Added layer of protection

AOL Tech Fortress complements your antivirus software by providing an added layer of protection — blocking viruses and malware that are undetected by traditional antivirus software before they get to your computer.

Safer surfing

AOL Tech Fortress isolates and contains malicious code, allowing you to bank, shop, work and surf online more safely. You'll worry less about exposure to viruses — whether on the public internet or trusted sites.